a man after God’s own heart

1 Samuel 13:14

Discussions on being a man, husband, father, son and brother.

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Pondering Psalm 92

How can our world and our experience of it look different if we could have a change in perspective? I reflect on Psalm 92:1-5 and how it can help us to unlock the Truth of the Gospel for a more meaningful human experience.

Saul, David and you and me

I am sharing one of my favourite stories from the Bible – Saul’s end and David’s beginning. We often read the Old Testament as history, but actually the same story plays off in our own hearts. Watch this video and find out how 1 Samuel 15 has been playing off in my heart but how…

Disappointment with God

This week I am sharing my videos in a vlog. I do not have all the answers to this very real problem of the human life. However, I do believe Psalm 91 gives us some perspective. I hope to share that with you, whilst I am working through this on journey to the eternal hope.

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