Pondering Psalm 92

How can our world and our experience of it look different if we could have a change in perspective? I reflect on Psalm 92:1-5 and how it can help us to unlock the Truth of the Gospel for a more meaningful human experience.

Saul, David and you and me

I am sharing one of my favourite stories from the Bible – Saul’s end and David’s beginning. We often read the Old Testament as history, but actually the same story plays off in our own hearts. Watch this video and find out how 1 Samuel 15 has been playing off in my heart but how…

Disappointment with God

This week I am sharing my videos in a vlog. I do not have all the answers to this very real problem of the human life. However, I do believe Psalm 91 gives us some perspective. I hope to share that with you, whilst I am working through this on journey to the eternal hope.

What makes a man

What made David “a man after God’s own heart”? How do we become men like him? This is the start of the journey.

Be a dad

In the past there has been a notion that real men do not take care of the kids. Real men do not do dishes. Real men do not change diapers. Real men do not babysit. Child-rearing is the responsibility of women. Is this to be the response of a dad?

Facts about light

Science and Christianity are not that far apart. It sometimes seems as if it is Christianity knew all along and science is catching up. This post looks at the similarities between the attributes of God and the properties of light.

Would Jesus force you to go to Church?

The Church can be blamed for forcing themselves on humanity through various state-church relationships over the past few centuries. As things are changing in the 21st century I wonder – Would Jesus force you to go to Church?

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